hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

Haleigh. 16 years old

it’s really hitting my now that it’s my senior year.
this is the last fall I’ll spend in nh, with my family in my home.
these are my last few high school cross country meets and xc will always be a good memory to me. I’ll miss it. There’s something unexplainable about running everyday in the fall, every day it getting a little colder and the leaves a little redder, oranger, yellower.
This is my last year of high school. what? how is that even possible? it’s gone fast. it goes so much faster than you think. high school has been the best time of my life (so far) and I know that college will be great, but will it ever be the same?
next fall I’ll be leaving the town I’ve lived in for 17 years. I’ll be leaving the friends I’ve grown up with. this town is my home. these people are my home.
(I don’t want to leave)